Have you ever thought: “I’ll just do it myself?”

The story started with a long-lasting frustration: wooden grips that feel uncomfortable. Being a budget-minded European filmmaker meant dealing with standardized products that are made for smaller hands. In my case it meant that I was either filming with cramped fingers, or that I had to gamble hundreds of Euros on ergonomic grips without useful advice or customer support.

And so it began…

It took me about three months of designing, prototyping and testing to come op with comfortable and sleek wooden grips that don’t break the bank. I am proud to say that these grips are designed, made and finished by hand in Utrecht, the Netherlands!

Fortunately, others can now also benefit from the outcome of my efforts. Since I carry out the entire design and manufacturing process I am able to customize pretty much anything. This means I can cater to anyone who desires to realize a personalized grip that will last for many years.

Feel free to challenge me with co-design ideas! Contact me with requests, or take a look at the gallery for inspiration.

– Ruben de Boer